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Holiday Items December 1997

black leather gloves, also called Santa Gloves, stolen from Santa Claus

Holiday Gift Bags: characters who were good (positive notoriety) received a bag, red, gray or green, containing some or all of the following items:

a card in green, gray or red Newbied

see also: Black Market Items

one green and one red Newbied

see also: December 1998, September 1999, December 1999, and Ticket Items, New Player Tickets

appears to be the same artwork as 'spam', only maroon/brown in color Newbied

Holiday Gift Bags: characters who were bad (negative notoriety) received a bag, grey, containing some or all of the following items:

a card in green, grey or red Newbied

this item used to read 'coal' but became 'iron ore' with the colored ore patch Newbied

Yum! Newbied

These were the first times OSI gave out gifts on a wide scale basis. It was well received as an unexpected surprise for the players. Not only were there gifts but it was very oriented around the American Christmas holiday. There were Santa Clauses and Rain Deer spawns. In fact some of the spawns were out of control and caused a lot of lag.

Xanther: These were obtained during Christmas 1998 when the "Chief" Santa's who were played by Seers had taken over some of the Dungeons. The Chief Santas were wearing a Red Chainmail Tunics along with Santa Gloves. Only the lead Santa had the Tunic as compared to all the Santa's whom had gloves. The Santa Tunic is today considered one of the truly rare items as there are no ingot colors that are close to red, and armor cannot be dyed. The Tunic says "Chainmail Tunic" when clicked upon. The above image is a good example of a Seer Run Santa (although the image above is not from the 1998 Christmas Days which is why the 'Santa' has purple text, it's a modern Seer run Santa). However, the Santa from Christmas 1998 looked exactly like this Santa except that instead of the Red Cloth Tunic, he would be wearing the Red Santa Chainmail Tunic.

"Chief Santa" corpses
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