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There are 8 types of alchemy potion, each type has potions of variable strength. Stronger potions are harder to make so you will need a higher alchemy skill.
Effect: Restores stamina
Reagent: Black Pearl
Types: (normal) Refresh, Total Refreshment
Effect: Temporarily improves dexterity
Reagent: Blood Moss
Types: (normal) Agility, Greater Agility

Effect: Counteracts poison
Reagent: Garlic
Types: Lesser Cure, (normal) Cure, Greater Cure
Effect: Heals hit points
Reagent: Ginseng
Types: Lesser Heal, (normal) Heal, Greater Heal
Effect: Temporarily improves strength
Reagent: Mandrake
Types: (normal) Strength, Greater Strength
Effect: Drains hit points
Reagent: Nightshade
Types: Lesser Poison, (normal) Poison, Greater Poison, Deadly Poison
Effect: Lets you see in the dark
Reagent: Spider's Silk
Types: (normal) Night sight

Effect: Explodes, causing damage
Reagent: Sulphureous Ash
Types: Lesser Explosion, (normal) Explosion, Greater Explosion

There are many types of magical wands and staves to be found. They offer mage spell capabilities even to characters who normally would not be able to cast spells. Each wand/staff has a certain amount of charges, when you use them all, it becomes useless.

There are magic weapons and armor of varying strength, the magic increases their abilities to inflict damage or protect. Here are the weapon names, weakest first: Ruin, Might, Force, Power, Vanquishing. Here are the armor names, weakest first: Defense, Guarding, Hardening, Fortification, Invulnerability. There are other magical abilities which increase durability, accuracy or even give mage spell abilities. Also, silver weapons inflict double damage to undead.
There are many other magic items, like clothing and jewelry, which give mage spell abilities in a similar way to wands and staves.

There are 64 mage spells, divided into 8 circles. High circle spells are harder to cast and use more mana. Click the links below to see descriptions of the spells.
Effect: Reactive Armor protects the caster from harm by reflecting a small amount of the injury caused by bladed or blunt weapons back onto the wielder of the weapons. This spell offers no protection from magical attacks or ranged weapons. The same amount of damage reflected upon your opponent seeps through your Reactive Armor and strike you. The amount of damage absorbed by Reactive Armor is based on your Evaluate Intelligence, Meditation and Inscription skills. The higher these skills, the more damage the armor can absorb before it is exhausted. You may only have one defensive spell (Reactive Armor, Magic Reflection or Protection) active at a time.
Reagents: Garlic, Spider's Silk, Sulphureous Ash
Effect: Clumsy may be cast on a single creature and temporarily reduces that creature's Dexterity. The amount of Dexterity lost by the creature is dependent on the caster's Magery skill.
Reagents: Bloodmoss, Nightshade
Effect: Create Food creates a single, random item of food in the caster's backpack.
Reagents: Garlic, Ginseng, Mandrake Root
Effect: Feeble mind may be cast on a single creature and temporarily reduces that creature's Intelligence. The amount of Intelligence lost by the creature is dependent on the caster's Magery skill.
Reagents: Nightshade, Ginseng
Effect: Heal concentrates powers of healing on a single target. The amount of damage healed by this spell is dependent, in part, on the caster's Magery skill.
Reagents: Garlic, Ginseng, Spider's Silk
Effect: When Magic Arrow is cast, the caster hurls a single ball of magical energy at the selected target. The damage dealt by the fireball is a reflection of the caster's Magery skill and increases as skill increases.
Reagents: Black Pearl, Nightshade

Effect: Night Vision improves the caster's ability to see in areas of darkness or dim light. When cast, the world appears brighter to the caster only. As Magery skill increases, the brightness and duration of this spell improves.
Reagents: Spider's Silk, Sulphureous Ash
Effect: Weaken may be cast on a single creature and temporarily reduces the Strength of the creature. The amount of Strength lost by the creature is dependent on the caster's Magery skill.
Reagents: Garlic, Nightshade
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