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Vote for UO Moons

What is UO Moons

10x Gm Skill Cap
300 Stat Cap
Weather System Full Implanted
Elemental Damages, cold damage, rain damage, heat damage, light damage, lightning damage, poison damage
Ore Based Region System
Economy Vendors Include prices vey in different regions of the world
Town Stones, You can run to be Mayors of a Town.
NPC Escorts
Custom Graphics
Brand new skills
Custom Npcs
Custom Crafting
Custom Map
Custom Houses
Custom Ships
Custom Items
Custom new Addons for our homes.
Custom Story Quests
Instance system
5 Houses Per Account
10 Houses Co Owned Per Account
Answer is NO. it is your choice.
Players that do the stories will get special loot. That can only be used by them.
There will be a story board, also there will be some stories that will have videos for you to watch and listen too.
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