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Don't do it! Report bugs to a GM immediately, there is a possibility that you might be rewarded for reporting unknown bugs.
If you die to a monster or a player, then your corpse becomes free reign to loot. Do not page a GM, we will not answer. There will be no looting in tournament areas or in newbie areas.
Do not repeatedly page a GM about any issue. Do not include insults or profanity in your pages. Do not abuse the paging system. GMs are not your resurrection or taxi service, and they also will not give you stats, items, or help you in any material way. GMs will not teleport you anywhere unless you are stuck. Do not repeatedly page. A GM will get to you as soon as possible. If you don't abide by these terms, a staff member has the right to jail you.
No complaining/whining. Saying this quest sucks or you stupid GM is a very quick ways to get yourself jailed. If you feel you have been wronged, email an admin and they will look into it.
We will not dye any item, or rename items or characters for you. If you want a unique item you must earn it in a quest or find it.
Items will not be replaced. Only exception is if an admin feels a replacement should be made, and only under certain exceptional circumstances.
A GM will not replace your stats/skills/items. If you experience stat/skill loss, please email an admin. We have logs and backups, so we can restore your stats. If you page falsely for this kind of problem, you will be banned permanently.
Macroing is allowed. However macroing near high traffic buildings or in areas with lots of people is an offense.
Player killing is allowed on this shard, but try to attack people who can defend themselves, attacking newbies or newly resurrected players is not good.
if you items get stole part of the game do not page gm of you crying and so forth we will just warn you not to do it again. if you do you will get jailed.
No harassment of other players or GMs will be tolerated. If you wish to insult someone, think of a way to do so in a creative manner. Saying f*** you a**hole just makes you look stupid. Show some creativity and thought in your insults. If someone is stalking and harassing you, you may page a GM about this. Please be able to prove that they did. We have access to logs and can tell if you are lying.
Do not spam! Everyone hates spamming, and can make you enemies very quickly.
Houses are not 100% safe. From time to time people may find ways to get into your house. Use the bank for important items. Items lost from house lootings will not be replaced.
We will not newbie your keys, keep them in your bank.
If a player commits an offence we will punish them in the manner we see fit. Some offences are more serious than others, but if you comit minor offences repeatedly you will be treated as if you are a major offender. Punishment can range from a warning permanently recorded on your account file, to being banned and your account being deleted
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