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Here you will find all the Shard Rules
What is UO Moons
UO Moons is a story Driven Shard, almost rpg like but still with UO Feel, it will feature one main story and tons of side stories.
UO Guide
This all Based on Publish 15
"CentrEd+" is the modified map and statics CentrEd editor of the last version 0.6.1 (by Andreas Schneider). Main advantages of "CentrEd+" are: better client data files support, group filtering for tiles, new tools, brushes, multi
Holiday Items December 1997
Decay Warning!!: Some items are 'newbied' meaning that they cannot be stolen or looted, however, they will decay quickly (i.e. death robes) if left outside a container, even if locked down. These items are safe to display inside containers.
St Patrick's Day 1999
Leprechauns spawned throughout the land. If you killed one you could loot his suit and green glass. The suit is of special colors which cannot be replicated by any dye tub. The dark blue boots are highly prized.
UO Easter Eggs
An easter egg is a feature which is mostly useless and is just a little something a developer puts in to spice things up. For instance the very small chance that a player casting an energy vortex will instead end up with a llama vortex (purple llama
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