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Alchemy Guide

Considered by many to be a lesser form of magic, an alchemist must substitute the strength of his hand and the potency of many reagents to create effects that others produce with mana and words arcane. But, once the power of alchemy unlocks the magic trapped within, anyone may use our potions and gain the benefit thereof.

The Ultima Online Alchemy Guide is dedicated to those in our land who would seek to expand their knowledge of all things alchemic. Whether you quaff potions or grind them, you will find information here to help you understand alchemy and use it to its full potential.

Quick Reference:

If you're in a hurry, or have been to the Alchemy Guide before, chances are what you're looking for is in this section. It's also a good place to start if you are new to the guide.

What's New:

A timeline of the Alchemy Guide. It is not updated every day, but focuses on the major changes and additions to the Guide throughout its existence. A good place to start browsing if you have been away from the Alchemy Guide for a while.

Site Map:

A listing of all the files in the Alchemy Guide, and how they relate to each other.

Alchemy Board:

A message board for posting your questions, comments, suggestions, advice, rants and so forth.

Alchemy FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions concerning potions and alchemy, and --in many cases-- the answers to those questions.

Using Potions:

A quick reference chart for people who use potions. It tells what each potion looks like, what it does, and more.

Making Potions:

A quick reference chart for people who make potions. It tells you which reagents make what potions, the quantity you'll need and what it costs to make them..

General Info:

This section contains general information which all players of all classes might find interesting.

Alchemist List:

A shard-by-shard searchable database of alchemists. Ideal for finding other alchemists in your area, sharing knowledge and finding merchants to fill your orders.

Potion Tactics:

Once you know the differences between the potions, you need to know the tactics for using them. Each potion is listed with advantages, disadvantages and tactics.

Alchemic Tales:

For the adventurer in you, this section provides stories of alchemists in action. I know what you are thinking, that the stories are probably boring, but fear not! As these tales will show, an alchemist can lead a very exciting life, and need not stay cooped up in his house all day.

Alchemist Info:

This section contains information which is more detailed and geared towards practicing or would-be alchemists. A potential customer will appreciate your extra alchemy knowledge, and this may be the edge you need over the competition.


Advanced studies in alchemy. A gathering of in-game experimental data concerning such things as: failure rates, advancement and potion strength.

Alchemy Tips:

Whether you're a new alchemist, or just looking for new ways to become more effective, this eclectic collection of tips is for you.


Some notes on what happened when in the ever changing world of alchemy.


Various suggestions for OSI concerning the directions we would like to see alchemy take in the future.

Poisoning Tips:

How to raise your poisoning skill. The sale of poisons can be a very profitable business. While it may be characterized as "evil", the alchemist can merely provide the poison and not ask any further questions. Or, he can get his hands dirty and enter the assassin profession. Either way, poisoning is a valuable asset to any alchemist.

Raising Skill:

How to raise your alchemy skill. Various techniques for you to try that emphasize speed, enjoyment or frugality.


So you want to sell some potions? This section contains hints for selling potions from your person, or from a vendor.

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