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All Articles

Last Update June 12 2022

Alchemical Potions

For full potion descriptions, visit the Magic section, located under Strategy. Listed in order of desired effect and potency. Cost indicates the minimum it will cost to create the potion not taking into account failures. A bottle, black pearl and blood moss are set at 6 gp, all other reagents at 3 gp.

Unofficial UO Alchemy FAQ

This FAQ is an attempt to give fairly concise answers to the questions that are most often asked concerning potions and alchemy. In many cases a more complete, in depth answer can be found in other areas of the alchemy guide. When that is the case, links to those sections are provided. To suggest additional questions or provide better answers for those here drop by the Alchemy Guide bulletin board.

Alchemy Guide

Considered by many to be a lesser form of magic, an alchemist must substitute the strength of his hand and the potency of many reagents to create effects that others produce with mana and words arcane. But, once the power of alchemy unlocks the magic trapped within, anyone may use our potions and gain the benefit thereof.

The Ultima Online Alchemy Guide is dedicated to those in our land who would seek to expand their knowledge of all things alchemic. Whether you quaff potions or grind them, you will find information here to help you understand alchemy and use it to its full potential.

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