guide to 90 -140 taming

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guide to 90 -140 taming

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you go to brit bank and go north of bank you will see huge bard building go in and double click yellow guy in room i have pic shown below you accept his quest you have tog et music peace eatehr too 80-90 than you go calm 5 mongbats go back to guy in picture and get the masterie book. you need a taming primary book that says animal taming dosent matter what lvl any lvl will do double click the primary book than you go to masterie book again shown in picture you click switch and click cnimal taming tahn you go to easy uo website grab easy uo program than you load the scripted in eay uo i will have scripted put in discord you follow what it says and it will do it self willg ian you from 90-140 taming and lore. If you have any questions plz message me in game skywalker or discord kikco1990.

the guy to accept quest from
the masterie book you get from quest
the primary book you get from champ bosses

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