Arrianas heirloom quest

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Arrianas heirloom quest

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Quest goes as follows

Arriana gives you a jewelry box and tells you to get her heirlooms which the jewelry
box can rejion. She also tells you where to find the first relative which is
uncle john in moonglow farm. He tells you to get his green carrot from the savage
bunnies in his garden, and gives you arrianas diamond and a cluebook to the next
place. The clue takes you to grandpa tam in delucia farm area, he tells you to get
a golden egg from a chicken and gives you another clue book and arrianas hoops, the
next clue takes you to haven up by the vacant huts above town (or where ever in
haven you wish to place it) auntie june tells you to go outside and get a blueapple,
and gives you arrianas clips. you now double click on the jewelry box with the
diamonds , hoops, and clips in your sack and it gives you diamondhoopearings,
which you bring back to arriana for arrianas earings.

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