Bug Exploiting
Don't do it! Report bugs in-game using the in-game bug tracker command [AddIssue or on the forums.

Item Replacement
Items will not be replaced. Only exception is if an admin feels a replacement should be made, and only under certain exceptional circumstances.

Macroing is allowed. However macroing near high traffic buildings or in areas with lots of people is an offense.

No harassment of other players or GMs will be tolerated. If you wish to insult someone, think of a way to do so in a creative manner. Saying f*** you a**hole just makes you look stupid. Show some creativity and thought in your insults. If someone is stalking and harassing you, you may page a GM about this. Please be able to prove that they did. We have access to logs and can tell if you are lying

If a player commits an offense we will punish them in the manner we see fit. Some offenses are more serious than others, but if you commit minor offenses repeatedly you will be treated as if you are a major offender. Punishment can range from a warning permanently recorded on your account file, to being banned and your account being deleted.