Player Commands

All commands are used with [

  • Adds an issue to the tracker.
  • Views a list of the current issues.
  • Set magic password and and add email to your account so if some one gets your account they can not change password without knowing the extra stuff.
  • Opens a gump with the history of everything you've said and heard from other players.
  • Brings up in-game server status menu for you to see who is on like the website.
  • Check your hunger level
  • Check your thirstlevel
  • Will let you know how hungry you are
  • Will let you know how hungry you are
  • Say your age and let others know about it. (Toggle age being shown in your name)
  • Use this command to do silly and fun emotes to make role playing fun.
  • Bring up a gump to turn off Region Entering Gumps
  • Manual command to call the region gump and see what region your in.